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Important information

1. Set Up Amazon Permissions

In order for us to get started we will need to set up permissions on your Amazon account so we can access your Amazon inventory, shipping and print your inventory labels. This will allow us to mark your shipment as processed once it has been completed. This will inform Amazon of your expected delivery.

To set up the User permissions please follow these steps:

  1. From your account: Settings > User Permissions
  2. Under “Add a user” add> Send Invitation
  3. Amazon will send an invite to us
  4. Once you have sent your invitation, email us at, and let us know your Amazon Seller Central name
  5. We will complete the invite and respond to the email you have sent with your Amazon seller account name
  6. You will then need to add permissions for the account so we can access you shipping plans on Amazon. Go to:

Settings > User Permissions > Current Users >> Manage permissions

Under Manage FBA Shipments / Inventory > View / Edit > Continue

Enabling 2D Barcodes:

  1. From your account go to Settings > Fulfilment by Amazon > Inbound Settings > Enable 2D Barcodes > Continue

2. Create your shipping plan

In order for us to know which items you want to ship into Amazon we will require you to build an Amazon shipping plan. You can do this by selecting your products from the manage FBA inventory panel in your seller central account then create a new FBA shipment. Set the quantities of the items you are sending in. When this is done our team will know exactly how many items you want to ship from your location at our warehouse.

We will then create a shared document for you to fill in just so we are in the know when a shipment is to arrive, what to expect and when to expect it. The document will also be filled in at our end once the inventory has arrived and been processed.

3. Send your inventory to us

Now we are ready to pack your items. All you need to do is ship your products to us with the address as follows:

Oz FBA Prep
(Your Amazon account name)
14 Evergreen Court
Lara VIC 3212 Australia

Once we receive your inventory we will be ready to pack & process your items.

4. Update your billing information

Please provide us with an email address to send the invoices to.

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