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At Oz FBA Prep we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible, with open lines of communication and advice to help you along your journey into the ever growing world of Amazon.

Amazon opened up its doors to the Australian market in 2017 with sales of $17 Million, $260 Million in 2018 and is set to have sales more than double in 2019 with it forecast to reach $23 Billion by 2029.

As experienced sellers we understand the importance of having products prepared correctly. We aim to have all product through our warehouse within 2-4 business days because the quicker we can get your products ready and shipped to Amazon Fulfilment, the quicker you can start selling and making money.


Before we start working together it is a requirement that you grant us user permission in Seller Central. This access allows us to print high quality thermal labels that are not easily smudged and compatible with Amazon's scanners, it also allows us to adjust shipment plans if any items come to us damaged and are unable to be sold on Amazon's marketplace. 

We cannot access any of your personal information, supplier and product information or change any aspects of your listings and inventory. 


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Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, recently overtaking Walmart. However, what makes Amazon different is that it is almost entirely free of physical stores and all transactions are via their online platform. At Oz FBA Prep, we can assist you with all your Amazon prep needs, enabling you to have access to a global marketplace. We offer a range of FBA prep services to match your needs regardless of the size of your operation. When you first use our Amazon FBA prep service, you will be amazed at the number of doors it opens and the opportunities it presents.

Amazon’s presence in Australia is relatively recent, having entered the market in 2017. We immediately recognised the potential and began our Amazon prep service, offering an initially small selection of prep services for Amazon, evolving into the full FBA preparation service we provide to our customers today. Thanks to our experience, we can now confidently claim to offer the best Amazon prep service in Australia. We know that our Amazon prep Australia can help you embark on a new career path that could bring untold riches.

One of the primary benefits of Amazon is that it allows traders to take advantage of drop shipping and affiliate marketing. Oz FBA Prep will help you not only implement but also understand all aspects of e-commerce fulfilment and all our e-commerce fulfilment services, including e-commerce order fulfilment. You will be able to track orders deliveries and monitor and analyse various revenue streams, helping you identify your most successful products. Our e-commerce fulfilment in Australia services allows you to make effective operational and marketing decisions.

Oz FBA Prep will take care of your Amazon FBA prep service, including packing and shipping your products to Amazon. Of course, we only use packaging materials authorised by Amazon and seek the most cost-effective delivery methods. We understand what is required, and our FBA prep services are tailored to individual customers’ personal requirements when it comes to Amazon prep. As you will be using our FBA prep services, it will help you reduce many of your costs, increasing your profit margins.

We are vastly experienced Amazon sellers and appreciate that when you are using a comprehensive Amazon prep service or any prep services for Amazon, it is crucial that you have a rapid turnaround of orders. Our objective is to process all items through our warehouse in no more than four days, and this includes all elements of the FBA preparation service. Indeed, when this is combined with our e-commerce fulfilment services, it is easy to appreciate why we are regarded as providing the leading Amazon prep service in Australia.

If you are searching for a complete e-commerce order fulfilment service or any other aspect of Amazon prep in Australia, we can help. Our experienced teams can offer e-commerce fulfilment in Australia so, please call us on 0405 555 871, email us at or contact us directly via our website.

We look forward to hearing from you and addressing all your e-commerce fulfilment and Amazon FBA prep needs.